Copenhagen Fashion Week 2017 (CIFF KIDS)

Sometimes in life you can get lucky.

Lil' Boo was fortunate enough to be accepted into CIFF KIDS in Copenhagen, Denmark. CIFF KIDS stands for the "Copenhagen International Fashion Fair" and it's part of the Copenhagen Fashion week. As a new retailer entered the scene it's a lot of luck as to whether you'll be accepted. As the quality is the highest around and that you'll be along-side the kids mega-brands, we could guess that we were fortunate to be accepted - and for that we are grateful.  

Our stall at CIFF Kids

Ciff Kids 2017 Lil Boo

As you can see, essentially it's a big stand that you have to make yourself. It's for three days and it's a way to connect to bloggers, marketing agents and retailers. 

At first, the day was slow, and we were situated next to a mega-brand who had booked appointment after booked appointment - it was quite overwhelming to see. But we live and learn - looking it another way, it's a showroom for potential clients to come and see  your stuff. So it's not really a browsing affair. Most people are B-lining to a meeting and in no mood to stop for a quick chat. We now know what to do for next time! 

That being said, the three days we had there was incredible! We got to network with and meet all kinds of people from the fashion business. For us, and as newbies to the scene, the information and contacts we gathered were immeasurable. We loved telling our story and we realised people liked to hear it. 

Most importantly, we realised there was room for our brand in the kids fashion world. The world needs a Lil' Boo and we are going to provide it.

 The best bit 

Perhaps the best thing that happened to us, was that Lil' Boo was picked to be part of the Spring/Summer 2018 trend show - as a featured trend. The clothes for the show are picked by one of the CIFF Kids stylists and she was amazing enough to ask us for our caps.   

We've never had a design-something-and-see-it-go-down-a-catwalk list item on our bucket list, and so this was definitely a first. It was a bit surreal, and anyone that knows me, knows that tears of joy were streaming down my face uncontrollably.

The CIFF Kids Trend Show - featuring our caps

CIFF KIDS 2017 Lil' Boo

It is great to get the reassurance sometimes that you are doing something that's working. We get all sorts of reactions when we say we have a company specialising in making caps for kids and babies and sometime people think we are a bit mad doing something with such a specific focus and doing something that doesn't really exist yet - and so to be treated in this manner by CIFF was simply breathtaking. 

I would encourage all new brands (except new hat brands of course) to apply for a stand at CIFF - it's a decision you'll not regret. 

The line up

ciff kids lil' boo

CIFF Kids essentials 

ciff kids lil' boo

 The hanging hats

Ciff Kids Lil' Boo 2017

Photocredit - magazinekids, photohald, ditte_kk 

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