Why we created Lil' Boo

As parents to a one-year-old and lovers of urban culture and clothing we went in search of the perfect baby cap for our little. We were surprised to see that we couldn’t find what we were looking for. Most kids and toddler caps on the market at the time were too cutesy, cartoony, or too busy. Also, nothing – repeat nothing, fit. They were all too big and were not fit for purpose – we wanted something simple. It seemed like a simple quest at the time, we just wanted a comfortable, premium, baby snapback that fit and looked relevant. 

We quickly realised that there were no baby caps that tracked the current cap trends in the adult skate and urban city scene in the way we wanted– and so, instead of sitting around waiting for someone to do it, we decide to take a leap of faith and create it!

Nana Falcon-Fernandes Lil' Boo

The name was easy – we call ours Lil’ Boo. He’s the heart and soul of our world and the very reason we created these baby caps. The manufacturing process, however, was not so easy. We were turned down by many factories who wouldn’t invest in the moulds required to build such tiny caps. So we did the investing, and found a partner who understood us. We worked for just under a year prototyping and designing a range of baby and toddler caps – the result you can see on our webshop (www.lilboo.com).

"The name was easy – we call ours Lil’ Boo"

The reason we took so long, was because we’ve designed each cap from the ground up and have taken care of all the small details. Take a look at our features on the homepage to see what we’ve included. From top buttons, to claps, to premium fabrics, our baby caps are made with the littles in mind. Our sweatbands are even made from Milk – how’s that for babies in mind? They are super soft to ensure that the littles (1) keep them on and (2) are comfortable. Put simply, they are super lush. 

"Our sweatbands are even made from Milk"

We are a week into launch as I write this, and we are so stoked to see how far we have come – we’ve juggled this project in our spare time and its honestly been challenging. We’ve spent very late nights and long weekends getting this to market in time for summer – and we’ve pushed though because, put simply, we love this product, and we hope you do too. Our Lil’ Boo loves them and even has started to say the word “hats” while he points to them!!!! We can’t wait to see the other Lil’ Boos donning our caps. 

If you have any questions on any of our caps or for sizing, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Lil Boo Signature

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